We're In This Together!

We hope you are safe and well.

As we struggle through these turbulent times, we are inspired by the kindness of a community coming together.   Thank you.

We were disappointed to cancel the 2020 First Light Gala in April.  We were looking forward to commemorating a very special occasion.  Twenty years ago, First Light opened the only emergency shelter in our community accessible to homeless women and their children 24 hours a day.

First Light has always been a project of a generous, caring community.  For twenty years, homeless women and families have found safety, opportunity and hope at First Light.

But First Light is much more than a safe place to sleep. Caring, qualified professionals are here to help our guests find their paths to self-sufficiency and independence.  And more than 1,000 volunteers each year let them know that people care.

The current crisis presents unprecedented challenges to our staff and to our budget--and demands bold, decisive and flexible leadership to prepare for the inevitable economic impact on the most vulnerable in our community.

 Homeless women and families can continue to depend on First Light and we know they can still depend on you. 

First Light's mission is to work with homeless women and their children to create hospitality in a safe and nurturing community, to encourage them to maintain dignity, to find hope, to seek opportunity, and to grow spiritually, thereby achieving their full potential.

Please take good care of yourself and your family.  Then please remember the vulnerable homeless women and families at First Light who are also depending on you.

Let everyone know you care!


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